My Open Letter to Starbucks: Bring Back the Old Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Dear Starbucks,
I’m a very loyal customer of yours. I come to one of your locations nearly every morning on my way to work. My typical order consisted of a Venti white mocha (nonfat with whip) and a turkey bacon breakfast sandwich. It was my work week breakfast that my husband would tell me I spent too much money on, but I loved the flavors.

I loved the flavors until this week. This week you changed my favorite breakfast  sandwich. It’s now smaller, yet you raised the price. Instead of having strips of turkey bacon, it now looked and tasted like ham. The  sandwich is on a different bun and is much smaller.

I thought I had gotten the wrong  sandwich the first day, but I didn’t have time to turn back. I took two bites and threw away the rest because it was gross. Then the next morning I looked at the sandwich before I drove away. I went back through the line and that’s when I was told the sandwich changed. The Barista gave me a refund and a coupon for a free drink on my next visit.

I was still in disbelief that you would change such a good sandwich so I even called your 1-800-STARBUC line. Unfortunately the gentleman I spoke with confirmed that you changed the sandwich. He offered to pass along my comments and put $5.00 on my gold card to try something new.

It’s just not the same. A quick search of Twitter will show that I’m not the only unhappy customer. So I ask that you please return the sandwich to the previous recipe. I don’t know how much my blog post will influence you, but I hope it encourages you to consider a change.

Thank you,
Gold Card member since 2008

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About Brittney

I am an Veteran of the United States Army where I served as a military police soldier. During a combat tour in Iraq I met my husband and we were later married. Upon his second deployment to Iraq I transitioned out of the military. While he was deployed our house burned down and then three weeks later, on my 21st birthday, my husband was injured in an IED attack. Through his injuries our bond was strengthened and we have both learned to thrive after the injury. I am a strong supporter of our military and the work they do. I seek to give back to them and their families in any way that I can.

6 responses to “My Open Letter to Starbucks: Bring Back the Old Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich”

  1. D. Richards says :

    Totally, totally AGREE!! Their new sandwich is GROSS. I took mine to the counter and returned it.

    • Aurora says :

      YES!!!My thoughts exactly!! I thought Ive gotten a wrong sandwich cos it did taste like ham. Unfortunately, i was long gone and couldnt return it, but i will post my protest
      PS, Thanks Brittney, to you and your husband for your services. All the best to your family.

  2. Kat says :

    Im with you guys – Bring back the old reduced fat turkey bacon! While you are at it, bring back the old veggie artisan sandwich too. The new one is yuck

  3. Alyssa says :

    OMG…yes…the new version is gross, Im pretty sure thats NOT turkey bacon on it. My morning ritual for almost 5 years has been disrupted by this! PLEASE bring back the old version Sbux? PLEEEAAASSSEEEEE

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